Join the BIG GIGS FAMILY! More Data than ever before!

This June we are launching new unwired plans called “My Big Gigs Family Plan”. Unwired is giving its customers the control to choose a customized plan which suits their lifestyle, by selecting a primary bundle plus now as an option customer get the benefit of selecting an ‘unlimited’ add on bundle.

In order to manage your My Big Gigs Family Plan you will only be able to do this via My Digicel App.

Please see below table:

My Big Gigs Family Plan

Big Gigs Plan

Plan Name


Anytime Data

Night Data



Primary Bundle

Dynamic 50GB





15 Days

Dynamic 90GB





15 Days

Dynamic 120GB





30 Days

Dynamic 200GB





30 Days

Dynamic 400GB





30 Days

Dynamic 600GB





30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much data am I allocated? 
  2. Please refer to the table above.

  3. Does the data rollover?
  4. No, the data does not rollover and data will expire in 30days.

  5. Where can I make payments?
  6. At any Digicel Outlet.

  7. Can I make a payment at a third party outlet?
  8. Yes you can but customers are strongly advised to make payment at our Retail outlets.

  9. Can staff apply for this promotion?
  10. No, they cannot, unless they have a non-staff account.

  11. Can I still top up if I run out of Anytime data?
  12. Yes, you can.

  13. Do I need the My Digicel App?
  14. Yes you do, the my Digicel App gives you control of your account so you can track your usage, change your plan according to your finances and check your data balance on the daily. No more ringing in or visiting a store, you now have full control of your usage.

  15. How do I check my data balance?
  16. Option 1 - My Digicel App

    You can check your data balance by Logging into My Digicel App. As soon as you login, your Data Balance will be shown on the home page.

    Option 2 - Texting/SMS

    You can check your data balance by texting your Unwired Modem Number: ____________ to 7202020. Texting from a Digicel mobile is free of charge.

    Option 3 - Unwired Self-care Portal

    1. Visit the My Unwired Self-care at
    2. Enter the URL provided on the modem into your web browser e.g.

    Option 4 - Log onto modem and send SMS

    Blade Modem:

    1. Connect to your BLADE modem
    2. Enter the URL provided on your modem e.g. into your web browser
    3. Login to the modem
      1. Username: admin
      2. Password: admin
    4. Click on SMS Mail icon on the top right
    5. In Phone Number enter “130”
    6. In Content enter “balance”
    7. Click Send to receive the data balance message.

    Pocket Mifi Modem:

    1. Connect to your Pocket MIFI modem
    2. Enter into your web browser
    3. Login to the modem
      1. Username: admin
      2. Password: admin
    4. Click Confirm
    5. Click SMS on the top tab
    6. Click New Message
    7. In the Recipient field enter “130”
    8. Click Send to receive the data balance message.

  17. I’m interested! What’s next?
  18. Visit your nearest Digicel store, there a representative will be able to help you set up your account, download the app and give you a quick tutorial.

  19. I’ve visited a store, but I’ve forgotten the steps.
  20. Don’t worry, just follow the below steps;

    First download the My Digicel App

    Enter your Unwired Number & your password

    Instantly you will be logged into the app, here you can manage your account, manage your plans in the tab section and track your usage

    If you have two accounts linked on your MDA you can switch between the two to manage both your mobile and broadband data by clicking on ‘switch accounts’

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