FREE 500GB Data for two months this Christmas

Enjoy FREE Data for two months this holiday season. Unwired is giving their customers the chance to enjoy more data without worrying about running out of data or spending too much this festive season.

The offer is available till 15th January, 2021. Hurry to your nearest Digicel Store today to sign up for only $149.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the total cost of Unwired Signup on Christmas Plan? 
  2. Total Cost of Unwired Christmas signup is $149 inclusive 2 months subscription. This will vary depending on our promotions.

  3. Am I in a Lock-in Contract of 12-24 months?
  4. No, you are not in 12-24 months lock-in contract but we expect our customers to keep using the service and enjoy the benefits of Unwired.

  5. What happens if I don’t use my unwired account?
  6. Prepaid Users: Inactive accounts lead to Account expiry and reaching 3 months will deactivate the account permanently

  7. How much is the Account cancellation fee?
  8. No fee is charged provided you clear your outstanding balance and if it’s a lease modem then you will have to return the modem to Digicel.

  9. Can I temporary suspended one service or all services?
  10. Should you wish to temporary suspend an account you will be required to complete a closure form and your account will be reverted to standard standalone subscription fees. Prepay users- reconnect notice else account will be permanently disconnected.

  11. How long it takes payment to update in the account?
  12. Selected Bill Pay methods will take up to 5 working days to reflect in the respective billing system, please ensure that payments through these outlets are made well in advance.

  13. The Helpdesk is available for your assistance from 6am to 12am, 7 days a week;
  14. Email address:

    Phone Contacts: 7003123

    Free call: 123 (Free for Digicel users)

    Live Chat:

  15. Do I receive Free Credit upon toping up Unwired Account?
  16. No, there is no Bonanza given on Unwired Topup, so there will no free credit available on Unwired MSISDN

  17. Can I pay in advance to my Prepaid Account?
  18. Yes, any amount of payment can be done

  19. If a customer has made payment to the wrong account number, what can be done?
  20. The mobile that made the incorrect payment will need to call customer care and go through verification process only then can a reversal be done.

  21. Can I use My Digicel App to make payments?
  22. Unwired Payment method is currently not available on My Digicel App but you can use Self Care Portal

  23. Can a TPP customer pay for unwired only?
  24. No, customer will need to contact Digicel first to disconnect Sky and activate the unwired account upon payment.

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